What Do 360 Photo Booths For Events Come With?

Photo booths allow people to strike silly poses and make memories with friends. 360 photo booths can do everything that a traditional photo booth can, with the added ability to capture partygoers from all angles. A central platform provides a place to stand that slowly rotates to capture amazing poses and silly expressions from every side. 360 photo booths can take photos as well as videos in amazing detail and clarity. Renting this type of photo booth for your next corporate or social event can allow your guests to make their own souvenirs that they'll always remember. Here are some things that come with a 360 photo booth rental for your event:

1. Fun Props

Some people are naturals when it comes to photos, while others are shyer. Props can help both types of people loosen up and get into the spirit of posing for photos. Along with a 360 photo booth, your rental company will include fun props for your guests to experiment with. Banners, handheld signs, costumes, and wild accessories can make each photo come to life.

2. Photography Lighting

As any photographer knows, lighting makes the photo. Most event planners don't have access to professional-grade photography lighting in their offices or venues. Fortunately, 360 photo booth providers include professional-quality photography lighting in their rental packages. Expert lighting will help your guests look their best and ensure that each 360 photo turns out as crystal clear as possible.

3. Photo Booth Attendant

360 photo booths are high-tech ways to capture smiles and fun. As with any new technology, there can be a bit of a learning curve. That's why photo booth attendants will be present at your event to help people utilize the photo booth. These attendants will explain how the booth works while keeping the energy high and encouraging guests to express themselves and have fun. The presence of an attendant will eliminate frustration and technological troubles so partygoers can simply enjoy the festivities.

4. Numerous Ways To Share

Taking pictures is half the fun, but sharing those photos with others is another great way to commemorate and relive the excitement of your party. Fortunately, 360 photo booth rentals offer many sharing options for guests. Guests can post their photos to their social media accounts directly from a sharing viewing kiosk. They can also see their pictures and videos on a custom-made web gallery created exclusively for your event after the party ends. This will give your guests plenty of opportunities to share and save the photos they capture. 

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