Have A Facial Skin Imperfection? 3 Tips On Hiring An Ideal Wedding Photographer

Birthmarks and skin imperfections can show up almost anywhere on your body. While some of these imperfections are removable, you may have a permanent facial skin imperfection. Getting engaged can make you think about how you want to handle wedding photography.

After you figure out what you want to do for photography, you want to put time into finding a wedding photographer who understands your situation and can accommodate your demands.

Comfort Level

On a typical day, you may not think about your skin imperfection because you spend time with family, friends, or coworkers you know and see regularly. However, getting married means working with professionals and vendors that you have just met or do not know well.

Feeling comfortable with your photographer is important because you want to look at the camera confidently for planned photos. Your comfort and confidence level will also determine how candid shots look because you may subconsciously turn toward or away from the camera.

The easiest way to determine how comfortable you will be with a photographer is to meet several candidates in person. Whether you intend to cover up the imperfection with makeup or leave it on display, you want your photographer to know, understand, and respond positively.


Once you feel comfortable enough with a professional, you can begin discussing the details for photos. For instance, you may want your photographer to take photos from certain angles to showcase a certain side of your face. Since taking photos with this in mind can require more time, effort, and planning, you want to ensure the person you hire is up to the task.

An important detail to understand is that spending more time taking each photo likely means getting fewer photos for the wedding photo collection. You can remedy this with a longer wedding or by hiring a photographer who can bring in an assistant to take additional photos.


Another way to handle a facial skin imperfection is through editing. Most photographers are familiar enough with editing to make their photos look amazing. However, you may want to prioritize photographers that excel at editing to get a collection that satisfies all your needs.

A skilled professional may be able to edit out the skin imperfection with exact precision. You can plan this out beforehand, so you do not have to worry about angles during the wedding.

Using these tips will help you hire an ideal wedding photographer who understands your facial skin imperfection and meets your needs.