Ideas For Including Your Other Children In Some Baby Photos

When you hire a baby photographer to capture some shots of your newborn, you'll likely want most of the photos to feature your infant on their own. It's also common to have the photographer snap some images of you and your partner with the child. However, if you have another child, arranging some poses with this child and the baby can make for some special photos that you will cherish forever. Your photographer can suggest some suitable poses, but it's always ideal if you think about what poses you want. Here are some ideas to consider.


As a parent, you want your children to love each other. There's perhaps no better pose that can demonstrate this love than a picture in which your older child is kissing their new sibling. There are all sorts of ways to arrange this shot. You might hold the infant while your other child kisses them on the cheek or forehead, for example. Alternatively, you might have both children lying on a rug on the floor and the older child leaning over to plant a kiss on their sibling.

With A Doll

Another fun idea is to have your older child hold a doll while they pose with their new sibling. If you've arranged to have the photo session while your baby is still very young, there's a chance that they might be about as big as your older child's doll. This can make for a fun visual effect. Depending on the age of your older child, one pose option is to have them sitting on the couch with their sibling lying on their lap and their doll sitting next to them.

Dressed Similarly

You may also want to dress your infant and your older child in a similar manner for the photoshoot. Often, parents dress their infants in soft, flowy materials when the photographer arrives. For example, it's common to wrap the child in a blanket. You and your older child can have fun wrapping them in a blanket, too. There will be lots of laughs as you get the older child ready, which can help to lighten the mood and ensure that they're smiling when the photographer begins to snap some shots. If you're adding a hair accessory for your infant, such as a bow, consider adding a similar one to your older child, when possible.

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