Three Ideal Venues For A Family Photo Shoot

When you hire a local photographer to shoot some family pictures, one topic that will quickly come up in the discussion is where the photoshoot will take place. Many people favor having the shoot either occur in their home or at a local studio. There are lots of advantages to both of these venues, but there are also several other options that you may wish to consider. Outdoor settings, in particular, can be ideal because of the natural light that they provide. Here are three good venues to consider for your upcoming family pictures.


A lot of families decide to have their photoshoots take place at local parks. There are numerous advantages of using this space. There will be all sorts of backdrop options that your photographer can assess to determine which might work the best based on what clothing your family is wearing, for example. Picnic tables, large rocks, and other elements can work well if you want one or more of your family members to sit during the shoot. Additionally, features such as play structures can add a lively look to any family photoshoot. For example, you might favor a pose in which you and your spouse stand on each side of a slide while your kids position themselves on it.


Another good setting to consider for your photoshoot is a downtown area near where you live. It can be fun to scour a span of a city block or two to find some ideal places for the shoot. A brick wall with a colorful mural can be a fun choice for some people, while posing in front of a famous landmark may also be an idea to consider. Some photographers enjoy using long-exposure shots near roads, which means that your family will be in focus while the traffic appears as a stylish blur in the background.


If you live within a short distance of a beach, this can be another good venue for your upcoming photoshoot. The sand and water can create a natural, calm-looking backdrop for your shoot, and this setting offers numerous opportunities to have some fun. For example, instead of just standing in the sand, you might roll up your pants and stand in the water. Or, you might build a sandcastle with your kids while the photographer takes some candid shots.

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