Framing Ideas To Celebrate A Family Reunion

A family reunion is an important occasion for a family, whether it happens annually or only once a decade. In the days and weeks after the event occurs, you might enjoy discussing it on the phone and through text messages with members of your family. It can be special, however, to look for more of a permanent way to celebrate the reunion. One option is to recruit some help from a local custom picture framing professional, who can create a framed piece that you can hang on your wall to help you fondly recall the event. You may even wish to order multiple framed pieces that you can distribute to your family members. Here are some ideas.

Framed Group Photos

At lots of family reunions, getting a group photo is one of the highlights. If you have a number of group photos from several reunions, it can be fun to look for ways to frame them together instead of individually. Your local framing professional likely has some ideas for you to consider, including a large frame with multiple holes cut in the mat, allowing several photos to appear. The framer may even be able to add small plaque-style markers below each of the photos to note their year.

An Invitation With Some Candid Shots

If your family enjoys making things formal, you might have made up invitations for the family reunion that you distributed by mail. Another option is to frame one of these invitations, but doing so on its own can be a little bland. Instead, try to gather a selection of candid photos that people took during the event. Candid photos are ideal because people often look relaxed. Ideally, you can get a selection of candid photos that feature everyone who attended the event. Your framer can then present you with collage-style ideas for framing the invitation and several photos.

One Photo With An Autograph Mat

If you have just one group photo from the reunion, there are more creative framing options than just framing the photo on its own. Your framer can show you different types of wide mats that are ideal for autographing. If this idea appeals to you, you can have each person who attended the reunion sign their name on the mat. Acquiring the signatures may be a long-term project if some family members live out of state, but you can gradually work to achieve it. Once you have every name, you can return the mat to the framing studio for the framer to finish the project.