Why You Should Use A Gimbal With Your Camera

If you frequently use your camera's video mode to capture footage, it's valuable to be aware of the multitude of accessories that can improve the footage that you shoot. A visit to a local camera accessories retailer will give you a chance to browse such accessories. One product that you'll come across is a gimbal, which is available from a number of manufacturers. Gimbals come in several sizes, so you won't have trouble finding one that can accommodate your camera — whether you use a small point-and-shoot model or a larger camera. Here are some reasons to use a gimbal with your camera.

It Provides Stability

Arguably, the biggest benefit of using a gimbal with your camera while you're shooting video is that this accessory provides a high degree of stability. When you look at your video footage, you've probably noticed that it can appear jerky at times. This occurs when you move the camera slightly, even when you're attempting to hold it still. A gimbal's advanced technology means that even as you move your hand while holding the gimbal, the camera will remain steady and pointed at your target. This can result in stable footage that lacks the jerkiness that you might have encountered in the past.

It Allows For Smooth Panning

Often, it can be fun to pan your camera from side to side while it's in video mode. However, you may frequently be unhappy with your footage because the panning isn't smooth. Gimbals are equipped with small motors that will allow you to pan and tilt the camera in the desired manner — all in a smooth movement. For example, if you want to pan the camera from left to right, you simply press the appropriate button on the hand control of the gimbal. The device will pan the camera much more smoothly than you could do by hand.

It Keeps Your Hand Out Of The Way

Sometimes, it can be easy to get your hand in the way of the camera's lens when you're shooting. This can especially be true with a smaller camera. For example, as you hold the camera, one of your fingers may wrap around the camera body and partially block the lens. An added benefit of using a gimbal is that, because you're holding the device's handle, your hand is well away from the camera lens. This means that there's no risk of inadvertently getting your finger in the way of your shot.

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