3 Ways To Customize Photo Backdrops For Weddings

Capturing pictures at your wedding can help create memories to look back on for years. One way to help make your wedding photography stand out is with custom-designed photography backdrops. When it comes to your wedding, you have numerous background design options to choose from. Each option will add a unique touch to your wedding day.

1. Names

Choose an elegant background like flowers or colors and then have your names printed on the design. The names will appear in the background of photos and is a great way to create a digital guestbook of people who came to the wedding. As people arrive, they can take their picture in front of the backdrop.

The backdrop could also serve as the background for a head wedding table or a cake cutting area. A backdrop stand makes it easy to move and position the design in multiple areas. If you don't want your full name on the backdrop, then you could also have your initials printed on the design. An elegant script font will stand out and match formal wedding themes.

2. Dates

Along with names, you can add printed dates to the photo backdrops. Your wedding date is an important element of a wedding and will be used for anniversaries in the future. A backdrop can feature the date on its own or you can print the date underneath wedding names.

You also have multiple options for a date format. You can use all numbers or fully print out the month on the backdrop like "March 23rd, 2021." The date will add a natural timestamp to pictures and provide guests a reminder of when they attended your romantic celebration.


If you have a special quote you want to share with everyone at your wedding, then you can share it on a large photo backdrop. A quote is a great way to encompass your wedding theme or your vision of love. Quotes can go across the top of a backdrop so it appears at the top of any pictures taken underneath the quote.

You could also fill the backdrop with a collection of quotes you love and have a whole collage filled with the quotes and sayings. When you look back on the photos, you can look through the different quotes and find a special connection with them all.

Once the wedding is over, you can use the backdrop as a nice keepsake in your home and find a place to hang the unique design. Reach out to a professional to discuss creating a custom-designed photography background for your big day.