4 Tips For Having A Great Family Portrait Session

Family portraits are something that you will treasure not just right now, but decades from now. When it comes to family portraits, you want to capture pictures that have a natural look and feel to them. You don't want your photos to look stiff and staged.

Tip #1: Choose a Comfortable Location

First, you want to choose a comfortable location. Family photo portraits that take place entirely inside of a studio are becoming a thing of the past. Many family portrait sessions now take place outside, such as in your backyard or at a park that you really like.

When it comes to getting a great and natural family portrait session, you are going to want to find a location where you think your family will feel comfortable. This is especially true if you have young children in your family. The more comfortable your children feel, the more likely they are to act naturally and take some good pictures.

Tip #2: Come into the Photo Shoot Well Rested

Second, in order to get the best pictures, you shouldn't stay out late the night before. Treat it as a school night, and make sure that everyone gets enough sleep. Getting enough sleep will put everyone in a better disposition for the photo shoot and will help enhance everyone's natural appearance as well.

Tip #3: Pick Out Clothing Beforehand

You shouldn't have to sit and struggle to figure out what to wear on the day of the photo shoot. Decide in advance if you want everyone to wear whatever they want or if you want to coordinate as a family in some way.

Make sure that the clothing for the photo shoot is washed and set-out the night before. Already knowing what everyone will wear will help reduce the stress of getting ready for the photo shoot. The less stress that is associated with the photo shoot, the better it will go.

Tip #4: Allow for Action

Next, talk to your photographer about capturing some action shots. Doing some fun pictures, as well as some more formal pictures, can help put everyone at ease and create a better overall experience. For example, you can do a traditional jump shot, where you get everyone to jump up into the air. Or you can play a quick game of tag or hide and seek.

These types of activities can create the opportunity for some cute family photo shoots. Adding active pictures, as well as some where you are all sitting or standing together, will help get everyone relaxed and help you get the best from everyone involved.

Taking a photo shoot as a family will allow you to capture your family in some great pictures that you can treasure for decades to come.  When you're ready for a family photo shoot, reach out to a family portrait photographer in your area.