A Guide to Renting and Loading a Grip Truck

When you move into making larger movies or commercials, or if your corporate clients require more intensive videos, you may need to look into renting a grip truck for your productions. A grip truck has all the important tools and equipment you will need to make your production a success. After all, it takes more than just cameras and sound to make your piece come together.

Here is some information on renting a grip truck and how to load it to ensure you know where everything is.

The Grip Truck

A grip truck holds all the important tools and other equipment you need to ensure a safe and well-operated film shoot. Whether you are working with the grip truck and grips yourself, or you have hired experienced industry professionals to do your grip work for you, you should understand what is inside your truck.

Grip trucks will carry anything from boxes, stands, cables, and wiring to clamps, clips, carts, and other miscellaneous equipment you might need. You can hire one or several grip trucks and they come in various sizes and weights.

If you are doing a smaller shoot or even local stage work, a smaller truck or cargo van would suit your job perfectly. They can be parked anywhere and they are easy to load and unload quickly. You could also opt for a larger truck either a 3-ton or a 5-ton truck depending on the size of your shoot. They can hold stands, boxes, carts, cables, and lighting equipment.

You can either rent the truck itself or you can rent a grip truck with the equipment inside depending on where you rent your truck from. If you rent from a company that caters to productions, you most likely can rent everything you need and have it loaded into the truck to be ready to go.

Loading the Truck

When you load your grip truck there are a few things to keep in mind. Keep your truck neat and clean with everything in its place. That way when you move to your next location, you can find what you need easily. If you have any ladders or frames, keep them either in an overhead storage compartment or tie them to the side of the truck wall to keep them out of the way.

If you have carts, keep the brakes on at all times and tie everything down so it doesn't roll. Before you leave your location, make sure you have all equipment loaded and that nothing was left behind.