3 Types Of Content Your Company Needs

Content is a term that most businesses hear regularly when discussing marketing strategies. Content is a broad term used to describe any type of information published by your company. This information comes in written, audio, or video form.

Your company's content can only be successful if you have a target goal in mind. Three different types of content can be used to help you reach your marketing goals and increase the overall success of your company in the marketplace.

1. Cornerstone Content

Cornerstone content is the type of content that establishes your company's authority within your industry niche. Each piece of cornerstone content that is created will cover a single topic in a very thorough and definitive way.

Consumers want to know that they are doing business with a knowledgeable and experienced company. Publishing cornerstone content is a great way to establish your expertise and show potential customers that your company is reliable.

2. Gated Content

The primary purpose of gated content is to generate leads that your employees can follow up on at a later time. Gated content can only be accessed in exchange for some type of information from the consumer. Most often, this information comes in the form of the consumer's email address.

Using gated content in your marketing efforts can be a simple and effective way to establish a contact list that you can leverage to increase sales in the future. Some examples of gated content that you may find useful include access to webinars, email educational courses, or PDF books in exchange for a consumer's contact information.

3. Evolving Content

The type of content that your company should be putting out regularly is evolving content. The purpose of evolving content is to raise awareness of your company and the products or services that you offer. New content must be produced on a regular basis in order to keep drawing the focus of modern consumers back to your company.

Your evolving content might take the form of a blog series, a regular podcast or newsletter, or routine reviews of the products and services your company can offer to the public. If consumers know that they will always find fresh content tied to your business, this will give them a reason to continue checking in with your business in the future.

Be sure that your content marketing strategy includes the use of cornerstone, gated, and evolving content for maximum efficacy. If you need help creating content for your business, contact a content production company.