5 Signs It's Time To Get Professional Headshots

You may think that you don't need a headshot taken, but it's a smart investment. No matter what business role you work in, you need to take care to appear reputable and professional. Having a high-quality image can help you do that, and it may even help you increase your business sales or chances of getting hired. Here are some signs that it might be time to get professional headshots taken: 

You're Using an Old Photo

If you're using an old photo to showcase who you are, that's not an accurate representation. If you have a photo that is only 2 or 3 years old, that may work well—but photos that are 5 or 10 years old need to be updated. The more you age and the longer you use older photos, the less real your photos will appear. 

You're Using a Cropped Photo

If you're displaying a photo that has been cropped on your professional website, social media accounts, or business cards, you need to get headshots taken. You can't crop yourself out of group photos or crop individual photos of yourself and expect it to appear professional.

You Took A Selfie

If you took a selfie and tried to make it look professional, chances are that it doesn't look as good as you think. Others can tell that you've taken the photo yourself. Plus, cell phones and digital cameras can only do so much. A professional photographer will have the proper camera equipment and lighting to make you look your best.

You've Visibly Changed

In addition to aging, there are some physical changes that may happen throughout your professional life. You may change hairstyles or cuts or you may put on weight or lose weight. If you've not had professional photos taken since these changes have happened, investing in new headshots is a good idea. New photos will give a clear, current representation of how you look.

You're Not Displaying Photos

If you've not been displaying photos on your social media, website, or business cards, you're missing out on a marketing opportunity. People want to do business with someone that they know well, and they'll be more likely to personally relate to someone when they know who they are and what they look like. If you don't have photos displayed, you need to get headshots taken.

If any of these situations apply to you, it's time to contact a headshot photographer to schedule a photo session. You'll be amazed at how good your professional photos look once you make this investment.