3 Tips For Getting The Best Beach Portraits

There is no denying the beach a beautiful place. If you want some beautiful and unique portraits, the beach can be a great place to take portraits. However, the beach can be unpredictable as well, which is why it takes planning to get great beach photos.

Tip #1: Schedule Your Shoot for the Golden Hour

When shooting at the beach, the best time to do your photo shoot is during the golden hour. The golden hour is around sunset and sunrise, where you will have about an hour to an hour and half of soft, beautiful, and generally colorful light.

If you want great-looking photos, this is generally the best time to take photos at the beach. You can extend your shoot a little past the sunrise golden hour or before the evening golden hour to get all the portraits you need.

Tip #2: Work Around Crowds

As most beaches are public, you will have to work around the other patrons at the beach. One of the best ways to avoid the crows is to start your photoshoot at sunrise. If you get your photoshoot done before ten in the morning, you shouldn't have to deal with too many people wandering into the pictures.

You should also try to shoot outside of the busy season for the beach, which depends on where you live. There tend to be more people at the beach from May through September.

Tip #3: Have Some Fun

With a beach photo shoot, you shouldn't focus on keeping everything so serious. Part of the joy of a beach photo shoot is that your feet are going to get sandy, and your hair is going to fly around. Start with some more serious pictures, and then work your way into more fun photos. Jump in the water, climb on the rocks, and put your feet in the sand. Those playful photos are often the best photos.

You can also bring props with you for the beach shoot. Bring some beach towels, a cute woven basket, and tools to build a sandcastle with. Bring a few changes of clothing. You may want to bring some warmer clothing as well as some lighter clothing. Most beaches have facilities where you can change your clothing.

With a beach photo shoot, try to avoid the crowds and schedule your photo shoot during the golden hour. Most importantly, remember to have some fun and work with the environment. To learn more about beach portraits, contact photographers in your area.