Plan On Having A Large Wedding? 3 Tips For Hiring A Photographer

When you are making plans to get married, you may intend on inviting a lot of family and friends to the wedding. A high guest count is often more demanding because you need to accommodate the needs of many as opposed to catering to a small crowd for an intimate wedding. But, you can still enjoy an incredible wedding when you invest in proper planning for this special day.

An essential step is hiring a photographer because they are someone who will be there to take photos starting from before the wedding and going all the way to the end of the reception. You should consider following several tips to hire the right person to photograph your large wedding.

Wide-Angle Lens

While you may not have a hard time finding photos of large groups using standard camera lenses, you should consider working with a photographer who knows how to use a wide-angle lens. This kind of lens will make it easier to take large group photos while fitting everyone in the frame.

If you know that you want to capture photos with a dozen or two people in a single shot and you want to minimize how much layering needs to be done to fit everyone in the shots, you will benefit from finding someone who wants to use a wide-angle lens for these specific situations.


Being organized is a skill that every photographer needs to possess to some extent, but you will find photographers who can demonstrate incredible organizational skills. These professionals are worth prioritizing because they can help you keep the ceremony and reception organized when it comes to capturing all your must-have photos and fitting others in between.

Following a checklist and knowing when to pause the list to take photos during the ceremony and reception is not always an easy thing to do, but you can look through portfolios and ask lots of questions to figure out whether a photographer excels at staying organized while working.


When you look at a photographer's website and talk to them on the phone or in person, you may find out if they have anything that they specialize in. For instance, you may come across a few photographers who love to work on large weddings and take photos with large crowds. These professionals may be worth prioritizing because they may be able to get you the best results.

Paying attention to a few specific details will help you hire wedding photography for your big day.