4 Ways To Capture Great Event Video

If you have a special event that your business is putting on, that you want to capture footage of in order to create a video that showcases the event, you need to do a little planning in order to ensure that you are able to capture high-quality video.

Prepare for the Lighting

First, you need to make sure you consider the lighting in all the areas where you will want to film and capture live footage. When capturing videos, lighting can really make a big difference. If the events are being held outside and sunshine is in the forecast, a lot of extra lights are probably not necessary.

However, if sunshine is not in the forecast, or if the event will be held inside, you are going to want to make sure that extra lights are added to ensure the video captures great images.

Reduce Movement

Second, you need to make sure that you reduce the movement of the camera being used to film the event. You don't want to be walking around with the camera too much, as walking around can result in a shaky video. Instead, make sure that there are multiple places where a stand can be set-up for the cameras to ensure that the image captures are consistent and not shaky.

Enhance the Sound

Third, you need to make sure that you think about how you will capture the sound. If you are shooting presentations and speeches that will take place on a stage, you can set-up stable sound recording equipment. You may want to mic-up the presenters so that you can capture and clearly record the audio. Alternatively, you may want to have movable microphones on stage as well.

Set Up White Balance

Finally, with a live event, it is important to carefully set the white balance on the video cameras in order to ensure that a solid image is captured. Don't use the automatic setting for white balance; you'll get a better image if you manually set the white balance.

When capturing video for a live event to use for a formal video, you want to prepare the lighting to capture the best image. Make sure that you have a stable place to film from, and manually set-up the white balance on the camera. Be sure to enhance the sound with microphones. Taking these steps will allow you to capture high quality videos that can be turned into a great event video. 

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